Paradise Island App Reviews

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Always checking my island

This game surprised me. Althouh their are updates needed its still fun and addictive. There has to be a better way to collect your money though. Maybe add a double tap function or something. I would of also like to seen graphical changes when u upgrade a building. Like seeing a hotdog vender advance from just a BBQ to a hotdog stand then the hotdog truck. Those little touches make a big differance over all. Id recommend this game to any sim fan.


Not as great as expected.

Dont Buy

This game is so slow...unless you are able to check the game every two minutes. Social City on facebook is a similar game but much better than this one, and it is free!

Paradice huh?

Im used to games like this being free. I expected a lot more from a paid game other than the usual - buy building, collect money, upgrade, buy new building, yaaaawn. Thats it. No managing staff, raising rates, getting tourist input or anything else at all. Weak.

Keep your money

You pay for the app, then you have to pay more to play the app. Its not even a good game. Poorly done, do not buy.


Still waiting on update. Game has become pretty monotonous...

Dont waste your money

This game is stupid. Theres no real end to it and its fairly pointless. Not even a fun time waster. Would highly recommend you skip it altogether.

Nice, but . . .

I mean, its a fun game, but not my favorite for the iPod. Its got a few glitches here and there, the money system is hard and its weird. SimCity is way better.


There is a free version of this game. Its exactly the same, but free and much more fair. This one is absolute garbage. Dont waste your money.


When is the update...its been almost a year. The reason I downloaded and paid for it was because of the huge update. I will re-review this with more stars when the update is released, otherwise, just stick to the free version because you will just be as upset as everyone else here.


The game is nice I like it but after paying for it is just ridiculous that in order to relocate anything you have to use golden piastres, and once you run out you gotta pay for them too!!!! Rip off, stop charging for everything n youll get a better rating!! 

To slow

Need to be faster

Pay pay pay

Again one of those app games where u have to pay for everything. Want to improve u pay, want some cool buildings u must pay nochance to win them, etc In short if u have a credit card and don t know what to do to use it, download this app...


This game could be a lot of fun if the xp went faster. If you were able to relocate for free. If you were able to earn pastries. It goes to slow even though it works when you have the app off. I hope it becomes better, it has potential.

Fun but.......

it is a fun game but it is hard to level up.

One Thing

Would be great if I knew how to destroy sidewalks!


Good game but you should stop charging to move things. Its VERY annoying.


I am not a fan of paying for every little thing in the game after purchasing the game.

Not much to do

I got this game because the reviews made it seems like the perfect game for me but I guess I was wrong. Once you get started the game kind of leaves u hanging why? there are absolutly no goals in this game like there are in others. Each place gives you money in about 2 minutes so you basically leave the game for 2 minutes than need to go back to collect your money which seems like a big hastle to me b/c there is nothing to do if you stay on the game. Unlike virtual villiagers as someone mention you can move the ppl around to do new things and all and sims u always have something to do not in here... You just wait to collect money to do new build more.... and than wait for money from those buildings. This game may be worth it if it was free but its not worth $2 at all... I was very disappointed. This reminds me of the freedom play on games like zoo tycoon or diner dash or something they need a story line to go with it and a career game if you know what i mean.

Get this one

Looks like it should be fun, I just installed. What is with spacecraft expo...I cant get it to earn money.

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