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Paradise Island app for iPhone and iPad

4.5 ( 9855 ratings )
Games Simulation Strategy
Developer: PalevoGames
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 08 Jun 2010
App size: 9.9 Mb

50% off before big update

"Paradise Island" is the simulation game where u can feel the owner of your own green island in the Caribbean Sea and tourism business, free from daily cares and responsibilities, develop your island on your own taste, desire and mood! Entice tourists to sunny beaches of your Island, build hotels and shops, recreation centers and restaurants, casinos and amusement parks. Develop your own tourism business, hire stuff, earn money and expand your business.

Game tasks:
- build all kinds of buildings on the Island to attract more tourists;
- watch tourists and stuff – look how they walk on the beach, swim in the sea and do constructions;
- improve your buildings, repair them and gain profit;
- watch over the number of employees, expenditure of power, balance on the accounts;
- create your inimitable Island with ornamental plants and unique buildings;
- gain more profit and expand your property, buying new pieces of land and areas of sea and making constructions;
- build and enjoy the beauty of unique buildings;
- enjoy the light music and sound effects.

Game features:
- beautiful and worked graphics;
- extremely addictive and interesting gameplay for all ages;
- permanent monitoring of the game is not required, the Island lives its own life whether you watch it or not;
- even if the game is closed, the Island continues to live its own life - the tourists are coming, the buildings are still being built and improved, bringing more profit;
- a big choice of buildings and facilities (several dozens of different types);
- lots and lots of picturesque facilities and plants;
- environmentally friendly power generators are used;
- you may share your records with other fans through the OpenFeint social network;
- it’s not necessarily to be online;
- with the help of 4 types of zoom you’ll be able to look at people’s behavior and the Island’s life in detail.

- Collection of money in one tap
- Free relocate of buildings
- Free construction of roads
- New buildings on the water regions
- System of achievements and awards, that is related to the OpenFeint social network.
- Many new buildings
- New special buildings gaining income in Golden Piastres!
- Several other ways to earn piastres
- New ratings
- Game is full rebalanced

Pros and cons of Paradise Island app for iPhone and iPad

Paradise Island app good for

This game surprised me. Althouh their are updates needed its still fun and addictive. There has to be a better way to collect your money though. Maybe add a double tap function or something. I would of also like to seen graphical changes when u upgrade a building. Like seeing a hotdog vender advance from just a BBQ to a hotdog stand then the hotdog truck. Those little touches make a big differance over all. Id recommend this game to any sim fan.
For a second there, I thought that you were my husband posting behind my back.........I too, am a wife-who has neglected her family, shirked all my duties, and my money to play this game. The house is falling down, every dish is dirty and in the sink, BUT hey!! Im on level 12!!!!!! Yea me!! I will be buying the bowling alley next. Finally! This is a great game, Ive been playing since May 2010. Its very addicting! I love it!! Dear Devs-next level will be it unless you allow me to buy more land, I own it all now. And put more levels for me to climb up. But after I get to the next level and buy the bowling alley, there is nothing left for me to buy. : ( pretty much game over at that point. Only you can save me from going back to homemaker. Please!!! ADD MORE LAND, LEVELS and things for me to purchase!!! THANK YOU!! : )
Attention please! Don’t let your wife play this game! No way!!! I can’t draw her away from the phone! I’m mad and hungry! What can I do? :)))
A pleasure to have and a joy to play. It is addicting and I at the moment prefer it to other apps that cost five bucks
This game is fun. But when I am trying to purchase money and gold, it wont load. Please fix
Its fun and addicting the only draw back is that it takes WAY to long to level up

Some bad moments

This game is so slow...unless you are able to check the game every two minutes. Social City on facebook is a similar game but much better than this one, and it is free!
Im used to games like this being free. I expected a lot more from a paid game other than the usual - buy building, collect money, upgrade, buy new building, yaaaawn. Thats it. No managing staff, raising rates, getting tourist input or anything else at all. Weak.
You pay for the app, then you have to pay more to play the app. Its not even a good game. Poorly done, do not buy.
This game is stupid. Theres no real end to it and its fairly pointless. Not even a fun time waster. Would highly recommend you skip it altogether.
There is a free version of this game. Its exactly the same, but free and much more fair. This one is absolute garbage. Dont waste your money.
When is the update...its been almost a year. The reason I downloaded and paid for it was because of the huge update. I will re-review this with more stars when the update is released, otherwise, just stick to the free version because you will just be as upset as everyone else here.